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Our Programs

The many ways we can help you move forward.

Senior Dog Rescue and Hospice Care

Grey Muzzle Manor provides hospice and foster care for senior animals. These animals would often otherwise be euthanized and are unwanted not only by the public but other rescues. Grey Muzzle Manor works closely with local veterinarians to provide appropriate medical care and monitor health to ensure a quality of life. Sometimes this may be for a few days and sometimes it may be years. An animal that is considered "hospice" is an animal with a terminal diagnosis in which only palliative care is the only option. Grey Muzzle Manor sometimes utilizes foster homes and does adopt out animals if appropriate for adoption.

Community Outreach

Grey Muzzle Manor assists in providing necessary services for families in an attempt to keep senior animals out of the shelter system. This may include but not limited to - veterinary care, free training with a qualified trainer, items that may assist in resolving the issue (food toys, crates, etc), as well as food and other pet supplies.

SAFER Program

(Support for Animals and Their Families Enabling Recovery)

Grey Muzzle Manor provides long-term foster care on a case-by-case basis for individuals seeking safety from domestic violence, substance abuse treatment, and mental health treatment. Grey Muzzle Manor has also previously provided long-term foster care for animals whose family lost their home through no fault of their own. If accepted into the program, Grey Muzzle Manor covers all costs while in care. Owners are also able to, and encouraged to, keep in contact and visit until reunification.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Grey Muzzle Manor provides Animal Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. This unique form of therapy can be beneficial for a variety of issues. We have worked with adults and children with issues of trauma, depression, anxiety, impulse control disorders, autism, addiction struggles, and many more! The interactions between client and animal is the essence that enables individuals to begin to develop awareness and coping mechanisms, helping them begin to take control of their lives. We believe people have the internal power and strength to attain a positive lifestyle. Our animals enable them to not only find this strength, but also to harness it and move forward.

Group Therapy

Grey Muzzle Manor provides group therapy utilizing art therapy and animal-assisted therapy a few times a month for various populations. Grey Muzzle Manor started these groups to normal the conversation of mental health issues and take away the stigma in hopes of decreasing suicide rates among individuals. The purpose of the group is to provide a safe, supportive, non-judgmental, environment to assist individuals in not feeling alone in their journey.

Stable Moments

Stable Moments sponsorship and scholarship assistance opportunities are now available! It would be amazing if we could partner with some local businesses and organizations to assist in the fees for foster/adoptive kiddos to be a part of this program! More info will be coming soon.

Please Help Us Heal Others

It takes more than time to help others through the miracle of animal therapy. Please find it in your hearts to help our cause and donate what you can today!

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