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Senior Animal Rescue and Hospice Care

Grey Muzzle Manor provides hospice and foster care for senior animals.

These animals would often otherwise be euthanized and are unwanted not only by the public but other rescues. Marcy Tocker has pioneered in senior/special needs animal rescue care, saving the “oldest of the old and the decrepit of the decrepit” since 2009. Animals are evaluated and placed into hospice or foster care based on their needs and health conditions. 

Some of the animals remain in foster care for palliative care and some are placed for adoption. We work closely with our veterinary teams providing necessary medical care which commonly includes senior lab work, dentistry, and maintenance of pain and/or other common senior dog ailments. Foster families are provided with any necessary items including food, crate, toys, incontinence supplies (if necessary), etc. Grey Muzzle Manor pays for all medical treatment while the animal is in foster care.

In 2020, after moving from Fleetwood to Mohrsville, Grey Muzzle Manor also began to rescue senior horses when funds allow. Grey Muzzle Manor is always looking for loving foster families and adopters! Grey Muzzle Manor also is able to assist in the care of senior/special needs farm animals, on a case by case basis.

Grey Muzzle Manor accepts animals of all sizes, on a case-by-case basis, depending on space and available funding. Dogs must be able to exist in a positive manner with other animals with no history of aggression. End-of-life care can be a very difficult time for a pet owner. Grey Muzzle Manor understands this and also provides personal counseling with pet owners facing making the last act of love decision for their pet - humane euthanasia.

Animals are often the best friends we could ask for. Our animals are always there for us providing unconditional love, acceptance, and nonjudgement - the platform for which Grey Muzzle Manor Sanctuary, Inc. was founded. It can be stressful to watch our pets grow older but just as they have provided us with love and friendship, we want to ensure they have a pain-free, comfortable, transition into the senior years while always keeping their quality of life as a priority. Grey Muzzle Manor understands that this process is difficult and encourages families to keep their pets, providing assistance, if possible. The best place for an animal to be is with the family that loves them. We also understand due to circumstances out of our control, this is not always possible. Grey Muzzle Manor is here to help with foster care and adoption services if possible. Everyone deserves to be loved and cared for. 

Please Help Us Heal Others

It takes more than time to help others through the miracle of animal therapy. Please find it in your hearts to help our cause and donate what you can today!

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